Fractures in Guinea Pigs

The only kind of fractures I would attempt to treat, and I have treated many of them with complete success, are Simple, and Green stick ones in the legs. In both, the skin is not broken.

I never use any kind of splint but bind the leg with paper tissue then put micropre tape around it. I leave it on for a couple of weeks, by which time the bone will have knitted.

Fractures where the bone could be shattered inside the leg or stick out through the skin have be treated by a veterinary surgeon. Unless you are experienced in palpating for the first two fractures and can treat them yourself, you must get a proper diagnosis made by a vet. It may be necessary to X ray the access the full extent of the damage.

If the vet puts on his or her solemn face and chants the familiar mantra, when presented with an injured small animal, ‘Oh it would be kinder to put it down,’ ask him or her if he would do the same in the case of a human being and seek a second opinion.

Though some of these more serious fractures can leave the guinea pig with a crooked leg, after treatment, it always a gets along very well, so it is well worth going to a vet who is willing to do the job.

However, there are cases when the only option is to remove the leg. This is an expensive operation but I have absolutely no quarrel with the veterinary profession about this. It is a difficult operation, high expertise is required, expensive equipment needed and postoperative care is costly. Indeed I have nothing but praise for the veterinary surgeons who take this work on for they are putting as much value upon the guinea pigs life as they would upon any other animal’s. It is a sad fact that many vets are not as professional as this.

I have known quite a few of these amputees and all of them have been wonderful characters, and coped exceedingly well. It’s as though they put that little bit more into life after they have had a second bite of the apple, so to speak

Shouldn't we be facing the other way?
Shouldn’t we be facing the other way ?

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